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Serving the region of Peel, I officiate at Civil,
Contemporary and Traditional wedding ceremonies,
along with Wedding Vow Renewal ceremonies.

Although we’re the least expensive part of your day,
this is YOUR special day, and you deserve
an experienced, professional ceremony professional.

We’re focused on supporting your ceremony so you,
your family and friends enjoy a memorable day
YOUR way at a location of YOUR choice.

Based on experience, we know there’s one of
4 ceremony options couples ask for …

  • The FAMILY Ceremony
    This ceremony is chosen by couples who intend on celebrating their wedding before family and friends.


    Once you reserve your date and time with a $150.00 deposit …

    * We send you a sample civil or non-denominational ceremony (a non-denominational service references God, a civil does not) over which you have complete editorial control to review and personalize to reflect your own personal style, values and personal spirituality - a ceremony which speaks of mutual love, loyalty, commitment and respect.

    * Once you have your Marriage Licence in hand, we meet with you personally to answer any questions you may have regarding protocol and to implement any special requests.

    * We offer advice on customizing elements of the ceremony to reflect your own cultural or religious background, and we help you organize the Order of Service and choreograph the flow.

    * We’ll help you tailor the ceremony to include parents, children or friends.

    * We offer unlimited follow-up consultations via telephone, e-mail or Skype.

    * We’ll perform your ceremony at a location of your choice - in your home, at your reception venue, in a park, restaurant, or church.

    * We’ll swear your marriage documents and file your papers with the government on your behalf, then follow up with you via email with instructions on how to obtain your Marriage Certificate.


    (taxes included)

    Please note that a rehearsal is NOT included in the honorarium.

    Although some couples know exactly how they want their day to go, sometimes they're more comfortable having an involved third party like me manage their friends through a rehearsal.

    I’m happy to be there for you though so make sure when reserving you tell me that’s what you want as it’s a $150.00 time/travel fee above and beyond the ceremony honorarium.
  • The CITY HALL Ceremony
    For legal, work or travel reasons, some couples prefer a small, brief quick ceremony before two of their own witnesses.

    Some couples also choose this alternative as they plan on hosting a more formal wedding at a later date, or in their home country.


    Once you’ve reserved your date and time with a $125.00 deposit ...

    * We send you a sample civil or non-denominational ceremony (a non-denominational service references God, a civil does not) over which you have complete editorial control.

    * Unlimited follow-up consultations via telephone, e-mail or Skype.

    * We meet on your wedding day at a location of your choice and perform your ceremony, swear your marriage documents, then file the papers with the government on your behalf.

    $325.00 including taxes

    NOTE that attendance at a Rehearsal is not included.

    NOTE that we only meet personally on your ceremony date.

    NOTE that we are NOT in the position to provide witnesses.

  • The MARRY-BEFORE-YOU-GO Ceremony
    Similar to the CITY HALL ceremony, some couples want to get married at their holiday location, or in their home country, but rather than meeting sometimes expensive and complicated regulations, they prefer to complete the paperwork here and have their union registered in Ontario.


    … frustrating, time consuming and sometimes rigorous local regulations (like blood tests or affidavits sworn before a local advocate) and can concentrate on a memorable wedding ceremony in a setting of your choice with no legal complications!


    * You obtain an Ontario Marriage License.

    * Lock in your time/date with a $125. deposit.

    * As the emotional segment of your ceremony is planned for a local officiant (or family member) to perform at your holiday destination, we meet and use the minimum words required in Ontario.

    * We execute your documents and file them with the province on your behalf.

    We include a digital copy of a sample ceremony you can edit to your comfort level and use at your holiday destination rather than relying on someone else’s ceremony who may not offer you a choice of words.

    that attendance at a Rehearsal is not included.

    that we only meet personally on your ceremony date.

    that we are NOT in the position to provide the required 2 witnesses.


    People often ask if I can perform a Vow Renewal Ceremony as a surprise for their spouse, or for their parents.

    Of course I will!

    If it’s a surprise, I still send you a sample ceremony for approval for you to edit to your comfort level and we apply the protocols of the “City Hall” ceremony with the same honorarium.

    Occasionally, people also ask for a full “Family Ceremony” at a banquet facility before their family and friends to celebrate a significant anniversary with a renewal of vows.

    I’m happy to work with families to arrange Vow Renewals, and present the special couple with a personalized Certificate of Renewal suitable for framing.


    • How Soon Should We Reserve An Officiant?
      As soon as you’ve set a date for your wedding and booked a facility to host your wedding.
    • How Do We Reserve a Date and Time?
      Call or e-mail me your details and if your date and time hasn’t been reserved already, then secure your booking with a deposit and consider yourself almost married!
    • Will You Send Us a Sample Ceremony?

      Based on whether you're more comfortable with a Non-Religious or a Non-Denominational ceremony (a non-denominational ceremony references God), I send you a sample ceremony over which you have editorial control.
    • Can We Meet Before We Reserve?
      With close to 100 Wedding, Funeral and Christening/Baptism ceremonies per year plus my clinic work, there sometimes just isn't enough time in the day to meet with all the couples "shopping" for an officiant.

      That's one of the reasons I launched this website, but I’m happy to arrange a conference call or Skype conversation with you.
    • How Do We Obtain a Marriage Licence?
      Download the Marriage Licence application from, for free, then take the completed form to any City Hall in Ontario and purchase the licence.

      Only one of you need go, and be aware that the Licence is only valid for 90 days.
    • When Do We Arrange for Our Wedding Meeting?
      We'll arrange for the 3 of us to meet once you have your Wedding Licence in hand or, if you’re delayed getting your paperwork, we meet a couple of weeks before the ceremony.
    • What Happens At Our Planning Meeting?
      We discuss the wording of the sample ceremony we sent you, implement any changes you’d like, I tell you what my legal obligations are and what your legal alternatives are, we discuss the choreography of the wedding itself and any special elements you might want to include.

      You tell me how you want your ceremony to go, and I make it happen.
    • Can We Have More Than One Planning Meeting?
      You won't need one.

      Be assured that we're ceremony specialists and at our pre-wedding meeting I get a very accurate idea of how you want your marriage ceremony to go.

      Although most folks only do this once or twice in their lifetime, I’ve been trusted with hundreds of ceremonies and can give you suggestions to help streamline the ceremony flow.

      Too, in the days leading up to your wedding, I'm never very far from you, so we can keep up to date on any last minute changes.

      Plus, I offer unlimited telephone and internet access.
    • What Happens If We Can’t Get the Marriage Certificate In Time For The Ceremony?
      No worries. Don’t cancel your wedding!

      Sometimes the divorce papers are archived in another city, jurisdiction or country and can unexpectedly take some time to draw and certify.

      You’ve invested a lot of time and effort in your wedding day and guests may have already purchased their travel tickets or booked time off from work, so rather than cancelling, we simply go ahead with the ceremony.

      But, shhhhhh! You don’t have to tell anyone ‘cause when your papers do arrive, we meet again and swear them then (your official wedding date is as of the date of signing, not the ceremony).

      Understandably, there is a time/travel charge of $150.00 to meet on the separate date to execute the documents.
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    • What Time Do You Arrive On-Site?
      I always make sure I’m in your area about 40 minutes before your ceremony start time, and I arrive on-site 20-30 minutes ahead of time.

      I make sure I have your cell numbers, and those of your maid-of-honour and best man and in the unlikely event of a delay due to traffic, I'll call or text you to keep you up to date.
    • What Do You Do Once You Arrive?
      I go straight to the Groom and let him know I'm on-site, check on any last minute changes to the ceremony or special requests, confirm who has the rings, liaise with the photographers, the musicians and venue staff to ensure the ceremony area has everything ready to support your ceremony (signing table, etc).

      I also go to the bride if she's on-site, or speak to her by telephone if she's off-site or in her room, and reassure her that everything's ok and that the Groom hasn't run away.
    • How Do You Deal With the Photographers?
      Photographers from the larger studios are trained to STAY AWAY from the Officiant during the ceremony.

      I don't agree with restricting professionals in their work and as long as it's ok with you, I let them know they have free movement to get the best shots they can.

      For example, during the Exchange of Rings, I'll gently position you so they can get THAT shot of the Bride as the Groom puts his ring on her hand.

      I'll also coach you through how to exchange rings so the paparazzi can maximize their images.

      During the signing, I'll also help position you so photographers have the opportunity to get natural shots.
    • What Happens If We’re Running Late?
      We know that traffic, weather and unforeseen circumstances can slow down your day but with good planning, we work to avoid any delays.

      Why? Several reasons ...

      Your caterers start the preparation of your banquet at least 2 hours before serving so everything's perfect when it's served as delays can not only affect the quality of your meal, but your guests' enjoyment of your day.

      Limo companies are on strict schedules and excessive delays might be unexpectedly billed to you.

      Consider too that nothing can go ahead on your wedding day without all three of us being together in the same place at the same time.

      Quite often, I may be coming from one ceremony to yours, or perhaps going to another following yours, so if your favourite aunt's plane has been delayed, we sometimes have to consider going ahead without her.
    • What Do We Have To Memorize?

      Once you've ok'd the ceremony script,
      forget about it.

      I lead you through everything and give you your vows "a word at a time."

      All you have to do is breathe and smile.
    • How Serious Are Your Ceremonies?
      This is one of the happiest days of your life.

      Although there’s a decorum of respect during your ceremony, if I have an opportunity to make you smile or laugh, I'll take it.
    • How Long Are Your Ceremonies?
      Depending on the different elements you've written into your ceremony, the average is 20 minutes, but schedule 30 minutes from entrance to recession.
    • Will You Pose For A Picture With Us?

      As a matter of fact, I bring my own camera and ask the Best Man to take a picture of the three of us after the ceremony for my web site’s Wedding Gallery pages while the wedding glow is still on your faces.
    • Will You Join Us For Our Reception?
      Thank you.

      Almost all my couples ask me this, however quite often I have another appointment following your wedding and I usually leave immediately following the recession.

      In anticipation though, thank you for the thought.
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    • What Happens To The Marriage Licence?
      I'm required by regulation to personally mail it to the government within 48 hours of performing the ceremony.
    • How Long Does It Take To Register The Marriage?
      Although you’re married legally the minute I declare you, the province takes 12 weeks to register your union.
    • How Do We Get Proof of the Marriage?
      At the 12 week mark, download the “Request for Marriage or Death Certificate” form from and send it to the province with the applicable fee.

      The form can be printed, completed by hand, mailed or faxed to the Office of the Registrar General.

      Remember that YOU are responsible for applying for your own Marriage Certificate. I am not able to do it for you.
    • Do I Have To Change My Name?

      There are no regulations in Ontario requiring a name change following a marriage.

      As a matter of fact, a lot of couples don’t even think about changing their surnames until they enrol their children in school, and many couples go through life maintaining their professional names.
    • When Will We Hear From You Again?
      I'll contact you a couple of days following your ceremony to remind you how to obtain your marriage certificate.

      Remember too that I also perform Baptism, Naming & Christening ceremonies at a location of your choice ... so when you start to grow your family, please call!

      Too, it's part of the circle of life when loved ones graduate from this earth, so please feel free to call when faced with funerary concerns, and I'll help guide you through the process, including presenting the Remembrance Service for your family.
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I’ve been trusted by hundreds of couples
to solemnize their marriages since 2001,
and I’ve posed for a picture with almost
every Bride and Groom at the end
of every ceremony …

… so if you’d like to see your picture,
or just see what they look like,
click the button below.