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The loss of a loved one can be one of our most
profound and life changing experiences.

It leads us to re-evaluate our life philosophy,
change our outlook and re-define our life direction.


Our focus is on supporting your family in the time leading up to and during the celebration of the life of your loved one.

Once you’ve met with the arranging Funeral Directors and confirmed a date and a time for your service, ask them to call us immediately.

We work closely with Funeral Directors to support you and your family during this life-changing time.

In the day or two preceding the service, we meet with you and your family to gather memories of life stories, reflections and treasured moments to ensure accuracy,
warmth and meaning in a service celebrating your loved one’s life and times.


Whether your family prefers a Religious, Spiritual or Contemporary service, we help advise on music, Readings or Verse and Tribute Speaker protocol.

We believe the memory of a commemorative ceremony should be a constant consolation to the family.

We are guided by the beliefs, traditions and customs of the deceased and their family.

In other words … we don't preach.

We believe the Remembrance Service should leave each person attending with the belief they've participated in an event of very special meaning.

Please feel free to call any time.

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